Straight Jobsite Scissors


  • DROP RESISTANT: The all-metal core of these jobsite scissors allows you it to resist impacts from drops or other accidents
  • BOLT LOCK TECHNOLOGY: Don’t worry about the blades loosening too easily. A heavy duty bolt is fastened onto the center to ensure stable, straight cuts
  • CUT WITH GLOVES ON: Large handle loops are designed with the construction worker in mind. Wear thick gloves and still be able to slice through cardboard, paper, and carpeting with ease
  • RULER MARKINGS UP TO 4 INCHES let you know how much material you’re cutting, should your renovation or demolition require precise cuts.
  • BURR-FREE CUTTING: The smooth design of this straight blade will help you avoid rough edges from showing up on your work. This is ideal for when you need clean cuts through fabrics that will be on display

In anybody’s tool set, heavy duty scissors have their place. Upgrade to something that will actually last from your plastic handled models. The scissors  will serve you well, whether you’re a builder, stagehand, electrician, working on your own renovations, or working in a factory.


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